Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Weekend At Home

I am planning a weekend at home. John is working and I expect to catch up on many neglected tasks.  The weekend started well with a quiet dinner for two on Friday night of a nice broccoli and ricotta pizza on a whole wheat crust.

 I got up early today and paid the bills, both home and office--but the filing will have to wait.  The day is gorgeous for a change so my mind is racing--should I run out and buy some plants for the deck? Sure! I get to the garden center when it opens, buy some large baskets of New Guinea impatiens, some lettuces and more basil plants. When can I plant these? What else do I need? Should I buy seeds and start a pot of lettuce? No. We've decided to join a CSA and we'll probably have more lettuce than we will know what to do with.

Back home there seems to be unfinished projects everywhere.  Focus. I fire up the espresso maker.

Did that coffee help, or did it make me crazier?

I cook for my 94-year old mother, and her freezer needs to be filled.  As she is not an adventurous eater and a creature of habit,  I prepare the same food for her over and over. A no-brainer, really. So I put a podcast on my ipod and try to get into the zone as I did during my days as a personal chef. I begin with baked ziti, a dish I may add, I never make for us.

Next comes beef barley soup.

Now cool, portion, package and freeze.  The remainder of the food will have to wait. You probably can tell that I am having an ADD kind of day. Breathe, just breathe.

The serenity I felt on vacation is gone, and the only thing left from it is the photo on my screen saver!

If you've stuck with me for this long, thanks for letting me rant!


  1. I loved your rant. You seem to be happily overwhelmed :) The weather is gorgeous today...

  2. Tracy: So glad that I could entertain you. I'm much better now.

  3. Rant away. The trouble with holidays is the coming back to the million neglected jobs. I hope you have managed to tick several off that to-do list.

  4. Kath: Yes, I've gotten myself under control--until the next rant, that is.

  5. I know your weekend felt a bit chaotic, but all in all it seems to have been pretty nice--good food, coffee, new plants...all good stuff. I hope today is feeling better paced.

  6. Denise: Yes, I am much better now. And the weekend turned out just fine. Thanks for stopping by.