Monday, May 10, 2010

Ready to Roll?

Back from vacation and up at dawn. Pour coffee, empty dishwasher, check e-mails, jump on the treadmill--both literally and figuratively--drawing up to-do list in my head.

After a beautiful and restful week with our friends at the beach eating and drinking with total abandon, it's time to get back to more prudent habits.  I roasted a plump chicken for dinner last night. Sprinkled the cavity with salt and pepper and filled it with a lemon pierced in spots, some rosemary springs and garlic gloves.  After loosening the skin over the breast I massaged it with some softened butter and more salt and pepper. I worked some more butter into the skin, s & p, then I trussed it closed and put it to roast in a hot oven.

There is nothing like the smell of a chicken roasting. I added a green salad, some olives and one glass of red wine.  Off to a good start.


  1. For the beach and the meal—My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. ;)

    We're having something similar tonight. Chicken cutlets topped with parm/romano/prosciutto (pan fried) with a side of salad and mixed olives. One glass of wine...hmm...we'll see.

    Your meal looks lovely and very prudent. :)

  2. Tracy: You're invited to dinner anytime. The chicken cutlets sound

  3. Welcome home, and the words have come back with you too. Brilliant.