Monday, June 9, 2014

Good and Evil

After a gloriously sunny weekend we awoke to a Monday morning of hard downpours and snarled traffic. I am thankful that at least we had the weekend to enjoy the sun. I sprinted across the street to begin my morning on the treadmill, but before I opened my book my mind began to wander to to-do lists of chores, activities, cooking and cleaning. Ah cleaning.
In my kitchen I have two sponges--one is the Good Sponge and one the Evil Sponge. They are both stored in the drop down drawer in front of my sink, the Good Sponge on the right and the Evil Sponge on the left. After dinner they are cleaned in the dishwasher, Good on the right, Evil on the left.

The Good Sponge is used to wash dishes, the Evil Sponge to clean. Simple, right? Throughout all of our married life my husband has refused  to grasp this concept. I say "refused" because it is a simple concept, not rocket science. Come to think of it, my husband has no problem grasping rocket science.So why the resistance? Simple. He thinks I'm nuts, so he just dismisses my reasoning, not paying any attention to what sponge he is using when.

I'm a little OCD you think. Perhaps, but at this stage of my life that is not going to change. Am I nuts, or do any of you have a Good and an Evil Sponge? Just saying.

Tell me.