Wednesday, March 5, 2014



One of the  daily writing prompts this month from Write Alm is "return." It  made me think that this may be the right time for me to return to this space.

The longer I stayed away from writing, the harder it became to write. It became easy to think I had nothing to say. My head was spinning from multiple major life changes and my thoughts were not cohesive. I was having a hard time adapting to all the changes.

When John changed his job, I lost mine because I had been working for him. Downsizing for our new home was both liberating and stressful. Packing, moving and furnishing a new home was both exciting and exhausting. Adapting to communal living was eye opening. And losing my mother at age 97 two weeks before we moved was overwhelming.

I am not complaining, just explaining. When I started writing this blog, five years ago this month, I wanted to encourage people to come back to the table. To take some time out at the end of the day to breathe, to cook and to share time with those you love.

Well, here are some of the dishes I have been cooking--

 Sesame Honeyed Almonds and Peppered Pecans

Winter Cauliflower Salad by Domenica Marchetti

Chicken Breast with Goat Cheese, Arugula and Lemon by Joanne Weir

So things are looking up, and they say Spring is just around the corner. The way I see it is that if choosing the perfect tile for the backsplash in my kitchen is my most difficult problem, and if I can look at the gorgeous sunrise pictured above as I cross the road to the gym in the morning and gaze at the beautiful sunset pictured below while I'm making dinner,well, then life is pretty good.

What has everyone else been cooking?


  1. It is so lovely to have you write again. What a lot of change and I am very sorry about your mum. It is easier to not write sometimes. I hope you will now find a way back to regular blogging as I have missed your words and your welcome to the table. Sending you best wishes Kath x

    1. Thank you, Kath. I'm glad you're still out there, too. I just hope I have something to say. Baby steps as they say.

  2. I like your outlook on life, Michele. I roasted some beets and potatoes tonight. I cooked a slice of bacon earlier in the day to crumble over my farro salad and had the leftover bacon grease. I smeared the bacon grease all over my cookie sheet before roasting my potatoes. Yum. My beets were simple roasted whole in foil. Beet and feta salad tomorrow...

    1. Thanks so much, Denise. I never thought of adding bacon to my farro salad--brilliant. I love beets with feta. Happy cooking.

  3. Hi Michele, and welcome back to the table. We have missed you. What a lot of change you've been experiencing. Sometimes writing about the changes helps sort it out. Sometimes writing about food accomplishes the same thing. You will find your way.
    This week I've been experimenting with sourdough starter, and I'll share my findings, at some point.
    All the best, Nancy