Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's In Season--Citrus

Just when we need a mid-winter boost the most, bright and happy citrus fruit is piled high in all its glory.  The produce aisle is shiny with jewels of every color--bright orange, yellow and green. Large navel oranges, tangerines, blood oranges, limes and clementines are enticing us to touch them and bring them home. And that large dose of Vitamin C can't hurt either.

Citrus adapts well to salads, main course dishes as well as dessert. A very versatile ingredient to be sure.

One of my favorite winter salads is this one composed of blood oranges, fennel and oil-cured black olives.  Add a drizzle of olive oil and a squirt of lemon juice and it's good to go.

And what could be more beautiful than a pitcher of blood orange juice?

A lime adds punch to a cup of turkey chili.

And lemon sits atop a piece of salmon ready to be wrapped up and roasted in the oven.  Or you might want to try Martha Stewart's version.

And for dessert,  Walnut-Orange Cake.

OK, winter, bring it on.


  1. These all look so gorgeous, that salad... that cake... that jug of juice... I rarely see blood oranges for sale here in rural Shropshire. I wish I did I adore them.

  2. Yum! Citrus is automatic aromatherapy for me. I read that it's scientifically proven to make you more alert!

  3. Love the salad and the cake! They all look delicious Michele. Althoguh I am sick of the winter already but I love the picture!

  4. This is my "pick me up" blog of the day. Adore ALL citrus - fresh, uplifting, and, yes, makes winter seem more refreshing (I say that as it is just now above zero at a whopping 1 degree F. Gorgeous, drool-inspiring food shots, as always, Michele!

  5. KATH--Thank you. Blood oranges are gorgeous, but we don't get them for long, so we enjoy them while we can.

    STACY--Aromatherapy for sure!

    FAITH--You're right. Although the photos look nice, enough of this weather already. At least the groundhog did not see his shadow.

    VALERIE--Thanks. One day you are hiking in the sunshine and the next it is 1 degree! Stay warm.

  6. I feel uplifted by your new banner alone!
    Yes,thank goodness for the gift of citrus right now.
    We have been consuming gobs of grapefruit---Bill's favorite, especially in a salad with avocado, gorgonzola, and walnuts.
    Love your blood orange salad, too.

  7. NANCY--Thank you. That salad sounds delicious. I must give it a try.