Sunday, October 24, 2010

Candy Corn

I have never been a fan of Halloween.  But I love Halloween candy.

"I bought you a bag of candy corn."
"Candy corn?"
"Yes.  Candy corn. You love candy corn."
" I know, but I don't buy candy corn.  I walk past every bag in the market so that I won't eat the candy corn."    
" You only eat candy corn once a year and you're not overweight."
"Thank you, that was very thoughtful."


  1. That's funny, and it reminds me of an exchange my sweet husband and I might have.

  2. Stacy and Denise: I'm glad that I made you both smile.

  3. Ha!
    As I child, I loved nibbling at candy corn, carefully, layer by layer.
    These days, I force myself to buy Halloween candy that I don't like, otherwise...

  4. Nancy: I know exactly what you mean!

  5. very cute, but I try to stay away, as you can't just have one :)

  6. Monika: Yes, I can certainly relate to that.