Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The comic strip writer, Bill Watterson, once said, "Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something pointless."  And as much as I would like to spend the weekends doing just fun things, most   weekends around here are a combination. You know, the dry cleaner, the post office, the gas station and dinner with friends.

This past weekend none of the usual suspects was around to play; but fear not, a couple married as long as we had no trouble finding something to do.  Friday evening the skies cleared and we were able to enjoy martinis on the deck before dinner.

I took a piece of tuna, briefly marinated it in a lightened teryiaki-type sauce, then pressed some toasted sesame seeds onto the suface. After the grill had heated to HOT, we barely seared it for a couple of minutes, then sliced it thinly on the diagonal and served it with some soy sauce combined with lime juice and a splash of sesame oil for dipping. Delicious with or without a martini.

For dinner we shared a nicely marbled rib eye steak (blurry photo below) and a Greek salad.

Saturday's weather forecast was promising, so we blew off our errands and went to  the beach. When we returned and were ready for dinner, I prepped some wild sockeye salmon for the grill, cut some farmstand corn off the cob standing ready to be sauteed in sweet butter and topped with a chiffonnade of basil. And figs for dessert.

By Sunday dinner  all we could manage was a farro salad and a bunch of grapes!

Not too bad for an old couple left to their own devices. Let's see what next weekend brings.


  1. Well, for a supposedly old couple, you know how to live. Do you take weekend guests?

  2. I'm with Kath!

    Sounds perfect, really. Wish you were our neighbors.

  3. Kath: If you are ever in the States, get in touch. We'd love to have you for the weekend.

    Tracy: Thanks, Tracy. I'd love to be your neighbor.

  4. Beautiful Summer Foods. Brava, Michele!

    I forget about farro, and it is a nice change to use for a healthy whole grain salad---must remember to pick some up next shopping trip.

  5. Nancy--Thank you. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to cook farro. It is my new favorite grain.

  6. Not bad at all. You two know how to eat well.