Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Day in Food

Since I'm still at a loss for words, I'll show you.

Breakfast of Greek yogurt, a ripe pear, some walnuts with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Lunch of peanut butter on whole grain.

Dinner of grilled pork chop, roasted chili sweet potatoes, and cole slaw.

And coffee.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Spring has sprung, as they say; and I have a terrible case of blog block. I am enjoying reading prolific posts by my favorite bloggers, but I'm not able to put pen to paper.

Is it lack of inspiration? How could it be? Spring is bursting forth all around me--warm sun, trees in bloom, birds splashing in the birdbath, vibrant green herbs peeking through the soil, and spring produce starting to appear in the market. Is it just that I don't have anything to say? That never stopped me before.

Is it lack of confidence in my writing skills? Definitely, as the entertaining prose of my favorite bloggers puts mine to shame. Or is it distraction? Could be. Easter and the planning, cooking, serving and cleaning that came with it is now over. The first of several out-of-town weddings is over. Showers, more travel for weddings, a weekend trip for my birthday, and a much looked-forward-to  week on our favorite beach in St. Thomas all taking place within the month.

So much has to be accomplished and planned for before we can collapse on that beach. But I will hold onto the promise of soothing turquoise water, gentle breezes, and warm sand--and maybe blog block will become a thing of the past.